“Us, all of us, notaries of the heavens, scribes of the nights.
We will register, in the fire of the island,
The name of Love and Hope.”

Excerpt from a poem by Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca, current President of the Republic of Cape Verde


The FOGO collection conveys, in its chromatic and symbolic intensity, the joy, the longing that burns, the human warmth, the sorrow, the fascination of a morna*, the sensuality of coladeira*, the half-caste beauty.

FOGO synthesis the fusion of lusophone cultures, the higher value of the JEF brand, which finds its maximum expression in Cape Verde’s Creole culture. In this archipelago composed by ten islands, there is a living cultural legacy that testifies the Atlantic encounter between Portuguese and African influences.

The FOGO collection allows to wear the intrepid will to live, the fighting and overcoming spirits, but also the pleasure of good times and simple joys, embodied, sublimated and shared by the Cape Verdean people.

We dare to have no borders, to know no limits.

“A language is the place where the world is seen and where the limits of our thinking and feeling are drawn. From my tongue you can see the sea”.
Vergílio Ferreira, 1991

Driven by the daring spirit of explorers, we are driven by the ambition to strengthen ties between nations and cultures. We speak, feel and create in Portuguese and this language in which we express ourselves belongs to the world. We reinterpreted the collective identity of Lusophone and designed it in contemporary fashion design. Green, yellow and red, colors present in the flags of several Portuguese-speaking countries, are the colors that represent us. Vibrant, strong and bold colors, which incorporate multifaceted national values.