Unleash your instinct, fall in love with difference.


Drums roll, frantic cadence dances take place, smoke tower ascend to the heavens, the ritual begins. Unleash your instinct, feel the vibration of the earth, immerse yourself into the mysteries of timeless myths. Embrace the exploring spirit of discovery and sharing. This is how you will be able to be parte of the larger Lushophone culture, where myths and rituals converge in a universal dream. This is the challenge of the RITUAL collection, JEF's proposal for the 2020 spring-summer season.

Dare to be part of the tribe, do not fear the unknown, unveil a new world and bring everything you have lived and learned. The RITUAL collection was designed to suit the most daring, those who are thirsty for adventure, those who love difference and diversity.   

We dare to not have boundaries, to know no limits.

“A language is the place from where you see the World and in which the limits of our thinking and feeling are mapped out. From my language I see the sea.”

Vergílio Ferreira, 1991

Propelled by the bold spirit that explorers possess, we are driven by the ambition to strengthen bonds between nations and cultures. We talk, feel and create in Portuguese and this language which we use to express ourselves belongs to the world. We reinterpret the collective lusophone identity and project it into contemporary fashion designs. Green, yellow and red, are the colours present in the various Lusophone countries, these are the colours that represent us. Vibrant, strong and bold colours, embodying manifold national values.

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