Collection Ritual

RITUAL presents itself as a celebration of the union of cultures. A vibrant energy and a magical aura cross the identity of this collection. Enigmatic symbols and vibrant colours transport us to the sacred cosmos of the Sub-Saharan Africa and South American Tribes, whose destiny crossed paths with Portuguese sailors.

The RITUAL collection was inspired in the strength of artistic and mystic expressions of Ovimbundu ethnic groups, whom represent over a third of Angola’s population, and Tikuna, the dominant tribe of the Brazilian Amazon.

Drums roll, frantic cadence dances take place, smoke towers ascend to the heavens, the ritual begins. Unleash your instinct, feel the vibration of the earth, immerse yourself into the mysteries of timeless myths. Embrace the exploring spirit of discovery and sharing. This is how you will be able to be part of the the larger Lushophone culture, where myths and rituals converge in a universal dream. This is the challenge of the RITUAL collection, JEF’s proposal for the 2020 spring-summer season.

Unleash your instinct

Dare to be part of the tribe, do not fear the unknown, unveil a new world and bring everything you have lived and learned. The RITUAL collection was designed to suit the most daring, those who are thirsty for adventure, those who love difference and diversity.

Art, music, dance and spirituality merge in the cultural manifestations of the tribal groups, to which the RITUAL collection pays homage. Body paintings, masks and sculptures are ubiquitous elements in the sacred ceremonial acts of these communities. The masks, symbols of supernatural power, are mediators between the world of the living and the spirits of the ancestors. They represent forces of nature, legendary animals, the sacred and the unknown. Their decorative designs reflect the mythical narratives of each ethnic group. Likewise, the wooden statues carved by the indigenous craftsmen are impregnated with symbolism, being icons of tribal identity, metaphors of strength or fertility. They have a strong mystical meaning and can both represent idols or be a witchcraft instrument. Amongst them, the Tikuna tribe stands out especially for their specific style of painting that preserves the memory and traditions of their ethnicity. Everyday scenes, realistic drawings of animals, abstract and geometric shapes are presented in vivid colours.

Welcome the difference.

Retrieving the uniqueness of the aesthetic and symbolic universe of these southern indigenous tribes, the RITUAL collection is visibly telluric, with a warm and ferruginous colour palette, which integrates earth, ochre and clay tones. To the JEF brand colours, - green, red and yellow – is added caramel and beige, combined with Atlantic blue. The placement of prints or the inner lining incorporate representations of masks and indigenous statuary, as well as animistic and geometric symbols present in the iconography of the Ovimbundo and Tikuna tribes.

RITUAL is an invitation to the integral and diverse expression of the identity of those who comprise the Lusophone world, exploring, with subtleness and discretion, the references of indigenous cultures. The details of this collection present a sophisticated and contemporary exoticism, combined with tribal mystical symbology. The Equatorial and tropical aesthetic influences, between Angola and the deep Amazon, provide the appeal to travel, of following the routes of fascination and meetings.

The naturalistic-tendency which inspired RITUAL is met by a growing concern with the environmental sustainability of resources and production processes. As such, garments of the collection are predominantly manufactured in organic cotton, a more ecological and healthier option, due to the decreased exposure of consumers to agricultural chemicals. Organic cotton cultivation does not use synthetic additives nor pesticides, is not genetically modified and involves less water consumption. JEF is committed to environmental preservation, implementing measures that match the brand’s passion for the culture which unites us.

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