Our first collection, titled NAU (vessel), materializes the feeling of travelling, the challenges of the unknown. We reinvented a maritime aesthetic language that during the Discoveries influenced the Portuguese architecture with the exuberance of the Manueline style, also visible in sculpture, painting and decorative arts. Nautical instruments, such as compasses and astrolabes, ropes and anchors, naturalistic elements or even symbols holding strong religious and mystical meaning, such as the archetypal figure of two fish swimming in a circle, are, subtly and elegantly, present in the internal patterns of our creations. Anyone who wears such a garment is aware that it carries a legacy, a message, and a design.

A return to the essence of men sports fashion, to simplicity and harmony
As a collection designed especially for men, NAU sought to incorporate values present through generations, history and latitudes: courage and determination, ambition, the pleasure of conquest, the allure of discoveries, a keen eye on a world constantly changing. The stylistic approach of the NAU collection proposes a return to the essence of men sports fashion, to simplicity and harmony, where refinement and innovation are granted through differentiating details.

Pieces of great comfort and quality, totally produced in Portugal, reflecting a perfect balance between sportiness and classic timelessness. White, navy and black are the base colors embodying the maritime identity of this collection. Notes in green, yellow and red refer to the lusophone colors, present in JEF’s brand logo. We invite you to feel the soul of a collection that was made to accompany you in leisure and informal moments, but also through striking and intense experiences. Versatile and adaptable, Nau translates a way of living: always open to the surprises and challenge of everyday life, always ready for a new trip, a new project. A collection designed for those who gather sophistication and modernity with the pride of belonging to the Lusophone community that asserts itself in a global world.

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